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Bedroom Philosophy, the latest album by Tommy Keenum,... I am a lover of 70's R&B who found happiness and peace through various Eastern philosophies including Buddhism, Toltec wisdom, and Tao. I was inspired to write songs...


All These Pretty Thoughts [2009] For those who are curious about the new CD, here's the cover art and track listing. Abstract/Concrete There He Goes Hey Harry Hay Dream Morning Moments Come...


Tommy talks about details within... I have always loved music and lyrics especially when they combine in a way that makes me feel like I am understanding or being understood at last. Whether it was simply...


New Record now available! My new record is now available on Noisetrade. Check it out!


My music is getting out there... A quick update... My song "Changed" was put in rotation on a very popular radio broadcast in London earlier this year.(I just found out and I was wondering why I was selling...


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About Tommy

Tommy Keenum

An accomplished visual artist and designer of everything from exquisite houses to burlesque costumes, Tommy Keenum is now bringing his distinctive style and eclectic vision to song writing. For the past decade Keenum has been a sought after side-man, lending vocals, sax, and percussion to a wide variety of rock and pop acts including David Mead, Bobby Bare Jr., Sara Beck, and the greatest ’80′s cover band of all time “Guilty Pleasures”.

For his first solo effort in 2005, Tommy meticulously selected gems from his favorite songwriters of the ’70’s, and with dreamy production from “Silver Seas” frontman Daniel Tashian, the result is the perfect Sunday chill record.

In 2007, Tommy released his first self-penned record,”Details Within…”. He dips into almost every genre and finds a way to combine influences as
disparate as Joni Mitchell and Marvin Gaye. Although eclectic, what ties it all together is the underlying theme of self-empowerment and Keenum’s “heart on sleeve” vocals. The backing band is a team of all stars that turn in some amazing performances.

With his 2009 release “All These Pretty Thoughts”, Tommy stripped everything down and enlisted retro-pop master Brad Jones to produce.  The songs go from sparse to fully orchestrated; sometimes in the space of one phrase and Keenum’s soulful delivery and lush harmonies bring honest emotion to the stories.

His latest effort “Sometimes Never Always” (2011) is a tribute to his family. When his father’s health began to fail Tommy decided to help him realize his dream of “being in the music business”. Several of the songs are inspired by the poems his dad had written over the years. The result is a retro-country/soul lovefest not to be missed!.